Pay-Per Click – Myths & Assumptions

I'm often asked questions about Pay-Per Click and with surprising regularity i'm faced with various comments that I thought I'd try and address. These questions and comments are from owners and marketing executives within companies of all sizes, from SME's through to international corporations.

So to address the myths, please see below:

> I have a small budget and I'm worried that I'll be pouring what little I have into a black hole.
* It's very easy to track conversions when using PPC, so you can clearly see if your campaigns are providing a return on investment. If your campaigns don't provide a return then you can easily rethink your approach or pause your activity.

> I'm worried that I'll end up spending more than I've budgeted for.
* Users define daily budgets, so you can limit the amount that you spend on a daily basis. Occasionally the amount spent will be slightly higher or lower than the set budget but this will even out over time.

> Does PPC help my website's SEO and performance in the search engine rankings?
* In a word; no. You can use the data that you gain through doing PPC to help with SEO efforts, but Pay Per Click Advertising has no direct effects your website ranks.

> So do I just turn it on and let it go?
* You can, but this is unlikely to provide an optimal return on your investment. You need to regularly optimise various aspects of the account to ensure that your ads are fresh and inticing to users and potential consumers.

> There's no point in me doing PPC, my company is in a highly competitive industry and our budgets simply can not compete with the 'big boys.'
* There are various options and strategies that you can utilise, to challenge in competitive marketplaces. The major PPC providers prefer relevancy to high cost per click amounts so if your get your message right, you have every opportunity to outperform the big spenders.

These are a small selection of the questions that I've been asked and there are many more, so if you have any questions please ask them in the comments section below.

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