Website Design for Lead Generation

Many small businesses build a website because they have been told that having one is a must nowadays. Whilst the sentiment is true all small and medium enterprises (SME's) need to ask what it is that their website adds to the business?

Is it a nicely designed site that friends, family and employees can enjoy looking at or is it a website designed to educate potential customers and fuel lead generation?

If you can't honestly and objectively say that your website is the later, then it must be a place where people visit, say 'that's nice' and then disappear into the ether.

Don't get me wrong, word of mouth or other marketing devices may send some traffic your way and some of that traffic may choose to contact you via the website but don't be under the illusion that this is your website working for you. This is other marketing mediums supplying the customers that choose your website as the form for first contact, nothing more.

So you've got a sleek, shiny homepage, you've listed your products or services, you may have gone the extra mile and had customers produce testimonials that you display with pride. Whilst these are all standard practice and should feature on any website, simply adding these pages will not generate leads that are the lifeblood of any company.

When constructing your website, consider the user journey. If they land on your homepage, where would you like them to go. If you're investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and a user lands on a product or service page, will you try to convert them 'then and there' or are you going to ask them to move through another step such as a 'contact us' page in order to turn them from visitor to customer and risk losing them along the way.

Think carefully about your ideal website journey, ask colleagues, friends and family for their input. Ask yourself seriously, do you want to convert browsers into customers? and does your existing or planned website actively facilitate this conversion?

If it doesn't, then it might be time to consider dedicating some time and investment to optimising your website for lead generation.

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